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Christian Women Have It Hard

We have so many influences pushing us one way or another, demanding we think one way or another. Few and far between are role models who can show us how to navigate the world, or what is truly important in our lives. But women have been through tougher times than ours. They lived in a world where being alone was to be destitute, where having no children or no husband meant you’d be without support, where making a mistake made one an outcast. How did they do it? What choices did they make, and how did those choices affect their lives and the lives of others? The Women of the Word Have Answers

In this email series, you’ll receive: -Remarkable histories of some of the interesting women of scripture, some famous and some you may not remember -A discussion on how what they did made a difference in their lives and the lives of others -A reflection on their virtues and how we can emulate them -Scripture references so you can read more on your own And much, much more. You probably already know about some women of scripture, but perhaps you’ve not given them much thought. Or, perhaps you don’t know many of them at all, and you can use them to guide your study into scripture. Either way, learning about our female forbears in faith can be a great inspiration and guide to our lives. They may have lived long ago, but they still have a lot to say about how we live today. I Can’t Wait to Get Started!

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Kevin joe Adams
Kevin joe Adams
Nov 29, 2022

Probably marriage is a choice,but every woman need to have a helper in life that is husband,

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