"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!"

I will share a story from my good friend and mentor Paul,

"Last week my friend Mike Kim was in town for FutureProof Mastermind. In between video sessions he ran into the dressing room because he had some "alfalfa" hair…

It was a funny sight, seeing this really big guy (Mike is about 6’3") hunched over a tiny mirror trying to "hairspray" this one piece of hair into submission!!!

I joked with Mike, "You look great, bud! Don’t worry about the hair, I’m sure any girl would go on a date with you –– but only if you have a three-year plan!"

Mike laughed because he said at this point in life if he was really going to settle down, and he would absolutely ask a potential mate about their three-year plan.

Then, while trying to style his hair, this guy spews out a quote:

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!"

When you read this, do you laughed, think into this or do you just shrug it off and back to work………..this should have you thinking:

How many of us have a three year plan?

How many of us even have a three MONTH plan?

Where do you see yourself in three months from now?

How many of us have a three-year plan? help you figure out your three-month plan, your three-year plan, and beyond. And most importantly, who can help you EXECUTE on that plan!

Look, these can be tough questions to answer with all the recent changes in life, business, and industry - all around the world. The world as we knew it is no more. So how do you not just ADAPT, but CREATE the future you want? Or in the Biblical sense, what God has designed for you and only you. Know this, you will not get this plan sitting on your laurels.

One way is to tap into the knowledge and expertise of what I call R.S.P.’s - Really Smart People.