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What Dream Are You Chasing?

I don’t know what dream you’re chasing, but you have to prove yourself one swing, one rehearsal, one practice, one book at a time. And unless you want to be a one-hit wonder, you have to do it day in and day out.

Pablo Casals is considered by many to be the greatest cellist ever to draw the bow. He played for Queen Victoria when he was twenty-two. He also played for President Kennedy when he was eighty-six. Casals lived to the age of ninety-six, and he was still practicing three hours a day. When asked why, he said, “I’m beginning to notice some improvement.”

You get into shape one workout at a time.

You get out of debt one payment at a time.

You get your graduate degree one class at a time.

You get the music scholarship one rehearsal at a time.

You get the job promotion one project at a time. You get the game ball one practice at a time.

Whatever dream journey you’re on, you have to take it one step at a time. And if you keep doing the right things day in and day out, one day God is going to show up and show off. 

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Kevin joe Adams
Kevin joe Adams
Jan 02, 2023

Am chasing a dream to be a life coaching and I can educate more youth,both international and Africa !


Kevin joe Adams
Kevin joe Adams
Nov 29, 2022

Exactly………my dreams are to assemble teenagers and teaches them more about life and it struggles…the world is full of surprises

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